This isn't what business copy is supposed to sound like.

I write the kind of copy that makes your business more personal.

Boost your business with words that don't just woo, they woo-woo!

If you’re in business, words are the sharpest selling tools you have. But to make them count, you’ve got to make them connect. I can help you woo your customers with meaningful copy that adds value, sparkles with your personality, and fills your buyers with an overwhelming sense of ‘Where have you been all my life?’

Everything you write reflects on your business.

Like it or not.

What are your words saying about you behind your back?

You know how some people can be really judgey? In business, those people are your customers. And your website, emails, advertising, even that blog post you bang out every Friday to boost your seo… all fuel the things they’re thinking about you right now.

My guess is you don’t want to be seen as that stiff-sounding stuffed suit who overuses the word ‘solution’ (honestly, even once is too much). So let’s start working on the impression you would like to create. What’s that? You want people to think you’re a God? Let’s start by reminding them you’re human.

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